Strange Girl Lyrics

I woke up next to a strange girl
Strange girl strange girl
How did I know she was a strange girl
Well she woke up next to me

I woke up on a Sunday Mornin”
A soft rear end on my back
I could tell just by her indentation
This girl she had a nice crack

Then I thought about the night before
When I saw her walkin’ through the door
Yeah she hit me like a laser beam
Then she came round and she sat down next to me

She said she was an out of towner
Her voice I just couldn’t resist
Yeah there was definitely something about her
And it wasn’t because I was pissed

Then she caught me with her deep blue eyes
Yeah I must have been hypnotized
Cause the next thing that I can recall
This girl she had me up against the wall

She said that it was time to go
And she was sorry that we couldn’t chat
Then everything got funky and hazy
And I woke alone in my flat

Could she have really be a normal girl
Or was she from another world
Well I guess that I will never know
But truthfully I wouldn’t mind another go