The Samee Skumn Band!

Now booking shows for summer 2012. PunkRockPowerPop awesomeness, scientifically designed to melt faces AND panties for the same low price!

Samee’s Band:

Nigel Elsbry Buggersmith III (AKA Eric Neal)

Mega-talented multi-instrumentalist Eric Neal plays with Camille Cortinas, Escort Service, Fulsome, Homespun Remedies, Kristy Kruger, Salim Nourallah & The Constellations, The Slack, Solly and more. They will now shun him.

Stiff Dickerson (AKA Clay Wise)

The mega powerhouse drummer of Red Shift, Far Star, Lie in Wait and Trip Adams is now damaging drums and eardrums with Samee Skumn.

Dikkie Smythe (AKA M. Carter) 

Veteran of hundreds of drunken bar gigs and currently scoring films and videos, Dikkie also directed and shot Samee’s smash hit music video for Girl Sandwich.